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Ocean Falls Museum - Working



1906 Surveyors Cousins Inlet


1916 Finishing the 250ft smoke stack, men on top.


The staff of Pacific Mills' general office 7-9-1923


1927 Clearing Rock Bluff for road to Martin Valley

Note wheelbarrow and sledge hammer in foreground, it would appear a lot was done by hand.


1928 Seybold paper cutter located in the finishing room,

machine used to cut sample pieces to be tested for strength.


1929 Building the roof on the grinder room.


1940, Logs Entering Jack Ladder.


1954 Blasting around Wong Chee's Corner to widen the road


The conveyors supply wood to the new Great Northern Grinders which were installed in 1966 and 1967. What you see on the photo is the rebuilt groundwood mill. The wood is coming through the wall from a water flume and then dropped into the grinders. Info: Soren H. Bach


1962 Drafting Office

Far Left John Brown, Foreground Doug Ship








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